Rajasthan History

Rajasthan History

Rajasthan History - AAO Ji Padharo Mhare Des

The history of Rajasthan is truly a fascinating one. The Indus Valley Civilization was flourished in the north Rajasthan itself, somewhat before 2500 BC. The earliest dwellers of Rajasthan are the Mina and the Bhil tribes. But in the early emergence of 1400 BC, the Aryans came to Rajasthan and settled forever in the area. The local tribes began to relocate towards the south and east of Rajasthan. Soon the Afghans, Persians, Turks, and the Mugals started mixing their blood, initially in war and then in peace with the existing inhabitants. This blending of different communities had provided the initial martial spark to the Rajputs. Choosing Rajasthan Tour, the travelers can discover more on the history of Rajasthan.

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During the 7 AD, i.e. from the times of Harsha to the foundation of the Delhi Sultanate, the entire state of Rajasthan is splitted into competing kingdoms. Lately, Rajasthan was divided into 36 royal clans. But finally it came under the lasting reign of the brave and vibrant Rajputs. The Rajputs were always engaged in wars, either with their foe or with themselves. That is why, their empire collapsed after the 14th century.

After the decline of the Rajputs, the Mughals get control over the region. The Mughals ruled over the entire state of Rajasthan through the clever strategy of Akbar, the great. He performed many matrimonial alliances with the other community peoples, thus making foes to faithful friends. Also the emperor, Akbar had given many high offices to the Rajput princes to maintain peace and security of the region. After the death of Aurangzeb, the last Mughal Emperor the Marathas came into power under the able leadership of Shivaji. The Maratha Empire flourished under the Peshwas. The Marathas gradually became more powerful by supplying troops and then finally snatched the power from the Mughals. They started to extend their territory and later they became busy in fighting among themselves. Due to this reason the grasp of the Marathas became weak in many regions of Rajasthan.

In the early inception of 19th century, the East India Company emerged in India with a monopoly on trade in India. During that period also, the Marathas hadn't stopped raids on the Rajputs. The East India Company, which was a trading company of British, soon realized the opportunity to rule over the province. They overthrew the Marathas and stated their brutal rule over Rajasthan. The British ruled over the entire state of Rajasthan for many years and exploited the natural resources of the state. Finally on 15th of August, 1947, the state became free from the hands of British rulers. It took some time to solve the boundaries of the new proposed state. However in 1948, the boundaries of the state were defined. The title of rajpramukh, which means the head of the state, was given to Maharana of Udiapur. Manikya Lal Verma was elected as the first prime minister of the new independent state.

Now, after realizing the fact that Rajasthan is one of the favorite tourist destinations in India, the Rajasthan government is taking positive initiatives to preserve the historical legacies of India. Many tourists from all over the world comes to visit Rajasthan. The old historical palaces of Rajasthan were turned into luxurious Rajasthan hotels. The number of tourists from the entire globe is increasing day by day to visit this incredible part of India. During the Rajasthan travel, the tourist can ensure a comfortable stay in those palaces, where they are felicitated with all the modern amenities. All these accounting the real sense of tourism place in India.