Royal Wedding in Udaipur

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Udaipur is beautiful town of Rajasthan, India. It is fondly known as several other nicknames like White City, Lake City, Venice of East, City of Sunrise, and Romantic City.It is considered as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Very popular among honeymooners and vacationers it is also famous for its fairy-tales wedding locations and several other venues for wedding ceremonies. The city has elegant palaces, lovely lakes and beautiful landscapes that team together and create perfect ambiance for royal wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Attending a royal wedding in Udaipur is truly a unique and regal experience. It provides opportunity to discover fascinating customs which light up Udaipur's soul with its antiquated appeal. Soaked in romance, Udaipur with its royal past offers a wonderful wedding destination accompanied by all the brilliant paraphernalia of a captivating royal wedding.

There are several enticing venues steeped in history and romance that offer an ideal setting for royal weddings.Manak Chowk, located contiguous to the marvelous City Palace Complex has served as a venue for royal wedding ceremonies since the medieval ages. You may organize your regal wedding at the enchanting Lake Palace that sits appealing in the midst of picturesque Lake Pichola or tie the knot in ceremonial style at the rustic Risala Village Resort that was once the hunting lodge of the Mewar monarchs.

A wedding ceremony in Udaipur begins with prayers to Lord Ganesha and other local deities followed by followed by special ceremonies at the bridegroom's and the bride's places respectively. The groom's sisters apply henna on his hand followed by a Haldi ceremony marked with joyous dancing, singing and general gaiety. The bride on the other hand is decked in gold and brocade, with thickly hennaed palms and feet.

In the evening of the royal wedding day the groom's male relatives gather and tie colorful safas or fashionable ethnic headgear on each other. Later the Barat heads towards the wedding venue with the groom riding a horse in regal style. The bride's family welcomes the Barat by sprinkling rosewater and flower petals.

A royal wedding in Udaipur is marked by cultural dance performances; exotic traditional cuisine accompanied with general gaiety and pomp.